Mermaids Pirates and Rum..Oh my!

Ahoy Me Hearties! It be time to set yer course and trim sails fer the white sands and glimmering dunes of Flagler Beach!

May 19th, 20th & 21st be the dates. This here quiet beach town is ripe for plunder, an' will be invaded by the likes of Blackbeard, Calico Jack, Anne Bonney and even the dastardly Jack Sparrow (or maybe several of them) be arriving in grand style! Sure to be close to this rag tag court of piratical royalty will be thar Mermaids, which are never far from stealing a man's soul!

The weekend be gettin' underway with a Grand Pirate Ball on Friday night at Tortugas, a fine establishment for an evening of piratical shenanigans! If ye not be the type for grandeur and desire another course for action that evenin',  there will be a showin' of a Pirates most beloved movie, 'Cutthroat Island' in Veteran's Park, and best of all, this movie be FREE!!!

Saturday & Sunday, barter and trade with yer kind at the Thieves Market, open all day, with treasures to plunder for both the salty dog pirate and the scallywags who want to learn the ways of pirate life.  After all, we best be bringing in new swabbies, and crews be recruitin' after the last raids!  Rest assured loves, where there are pirates, there are sure to be sword fights!

An' what would an Invasion be without the Grand Promenade of Crews, flyin' their flags and puttin' on their finest displays to recruit new swabbies!  We also be calling all scurvy dog Jack Sparrow's fer our 'Jack of all Sparrows' Contest!  And should ye feel slighted or wronged by yer fellow brethren, be sure to take up action in the Pirate Court, where actions be judged according to our Code!!!
With sumthin' fer everyone, this Port will be sure to be full of piratical antics and a swashbucklin' good time!!!  BE THAR!!!!!

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All ye real pirates know ye best not be travellin around anywhere during a grand festival such as this be!  Secure yer Hotel Rooms now, before yer scallywag friends and fiends snatch them all up, an ye end up sleepin' in the sand!!!!  Navigate your search to our trusted partners at the ports below, and pay yer dues now 'fore it be too late!  A bed is much more better than a dune!!!!

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The mission of the Family Life Center is to provide essential support services to individuals and families to end Domestic Violence and Sexual Violence in Flagler County.

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Flagler Beach Pirate Invasion